The Cabin Experience

Our cabins are places where lifelong friendships are formed, laughter is contagious, and campers develop trust and empathy towards one another.  Whether your child comes to camp alone or with a friend or family member you can be assured that Dunes Learning Center works hard to set our Cabin Leaders and campers up for success by thoughtfully placing every individual camper into a cabin where they will be respected, included and cared for at camp.  

Our cabin assignment process takes into account variables such as age, years of attending camp, cabin mate requests, and more.  We strive to create a positive, diverse and comfortable cabin community by balancing the ratio of campers that know each other and those that don’t.  There is nothing harder than being the “new kid” assigned to a cabin where everyone knows each other already.  This is why Dunes Learning Center allows one mutual cabin mate request per camper.  

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Making a Cabin Mate Request 

Cabin mate requests may be made when you complete your online registration for camp.  To ensure pairing, the desired cabin mate must also request your camper on their registration.  If you have a special situation regarding cabin mates please contact the Education Director.

Spending Time With Friends

Your child will spend time with campers outside of their cabin groups throughout the week of camp.  During the day they travel in their trail groups made up of campers from all cabins.  This gives your camper an opportunity to make new friends and get a break from their cabin.  Campers express their independence by choosing from a variety of activities and spend time socializing with their friends during our Dune Specials and structured free time.   

Dunes Learning Center has more than 20 years of experience working with children and we look forward to making your child’s summer camp experience a positive one.