Silent Auction Resources

Thanks for attending our session “Silent Auctions on a Shoestring” at the NAI Conference! Please let us know if you have any questions - we’re happy to help.

Heather Hahn Sullivan - || Michelle Krueger -

Presentation Slides - Silent Auctions on a Shoestring >

Event Planning

Event Planning Things to Think About >


100+ Basket Ideas >

Relay for Life Auction Basket Ideas >

Tips for Solicitation > - personalize, then give this whole sheet to your committee

Sample solicitation letter > - provide electronically to committee - they can print or copy/paste into an email

Brochure for solicitation > - for people who don’t know anything about your organization

Paper forms > - make these match your google form

Item Tracking Google Form

Items Received Form > - this feeds into a spreadsheet for easy manipulation! Consider if you want all fields to be mandatory.

Wine Pull tracking - just use a shared google spreadsheet: name, label info (2015 Seigneur De La Tour Bordeaux), value

Other Documents

Receipt > - for old school check out!

Bid Sheet Template >

Paddle Sample > - BIG numbers on the other side!

Using Square for Checkout: